Metallics Mine-Chem Private Limited is to sole enterprise dealing in Minerals And Chemicals in the Industrial Paradise city of Gujarat State. The company is actively engaged in the manufacturing and supplying of flawless Value Added Minerals.

Manganous Oxide

Manganous Oxide

We are renowned as one of the most preeminent Pure Manganous Oxide Manufacturers and Suppliers in India. The Brownish Green color of the Manganous Oxide reflects the authenticity and zero adulteration. Moreover, the Manganous Oxide Powder is of unmatched quality and used in cattle and poultry feed as micronutrients. Pure Manganous Oxide is also used in the manufacturing of fertilizers and Manganese based salts. Customers are also facilitated with the availability of the Manganous Oxides in various fine sizes as per the specific requirements.

Molecular formula MnO
Color Brownish Green
Solubility in Water Insoluble
Fineness (Size) As required by you
Toxicity Non Hazardous
Grade (I) Grade(II) Grade(III)
Mn(Total) 55% 58-60% 60-62%
MnO 70% 74-77% 77-80%
MnO2 4%Max 4% Max 4% Max
Fe 6%Max 5% Max 4%
SiO2 10% Max 7% Max 5%
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  • Manganous Oxide 01

    Manganous Oxide 01
  • Manganous Oxide 02

    Manganous Oxide 02
  • Manganous Oxide 03

    Manganous Oxide 03
  • Manganous Oxide 04

    Manganous Oxide 04
  • Manganous Oxide 05

    Manganous Oxide 05
  • Manganous Oxide 06

    Manganous Oxide 06

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